Al Kass TV Microwave System
Al Kass TV - Qatar
Project Description

In the continues eorts of Al KASS “The Qatari Sports Channel “to be the €rst in implementing the latest broadcast and communication technologies, a new project has been awarded to INC to install a microwave solution for high de€nition Video and Audio transmission.

INC partnered with Vislink one of the main manufacturers in communication technology and precisely the €eld of sports, oering 12 MVL point to point systems for the €eld transmission kits and MDR receive antenna system to receive all 12 Signals at the same time.

A unique addition to the project was the central steerable portable antenna which is capable of picking any transmit especially when installed in a location that oers a 360 degrees coverage, Despite the challenges of mounting the Beam Antenna System on 35th oor of 300 meter Torch Tower Doha and the parabolic antenna on the rooftop of one of the high rise’s in the west bay area, INC Team was able to complete the work e‚ciently and in compliances with the restricted safety procedures and requirement for each building, resulting in a successful smooth completion.

AlKass is now able to transmit and receive high de€nition video and audio from the €eld to their studios and achieve the highest quality of sports content for contribution purposes.

Project Details
  • CountryQatar
  • ClientAl Kass TV
  • CategoriesSatellite/Earth Station
  • System Information
    • 12 MVL transmitting Systems
    • MDR Receive Antenna system
    • Central Steerable “Parabolic antenna