Al Kass TV Satellite/Earth Station - Aspire Zone
Al Kass TV - Qatar
Project Description

As part of overhaul process, Al Kass upgraded several studios, its news system and master control rooms (MCR). It also required a satellite/ earth station to be built and implemented in order to achieve a full end-to-end HD transmission chain. A tender for the Satellite/earth station was oated, leading to the selection of INC System Integrations Dubai-based subsidiary specialising in media technology solutions.

A complete Satellite/earth station terminal was implemented, capable of trans mitting three MPEG4 HD and three MPEG2 SD channels on two di€er ent satellites at the same time with a common compression system

It’s a state-of-art system with HD transmission using DVBS2 8PSK modulation, and it has fully redundant uplink facilities on Ku band via Arabsat’s Badr4 satellite and Nilesat simultaneously. Two 7.3m uplink antennas, one to transmit to Arabsat and the other for Nilesat, as well as four TVROs were installed for the system, all of which have beenimple- mented in a world-class facility in the Aspire Zone, the Qatari capital’s 250-hectare sporting complex.

Project Details
  • CountryQatar
  • ClientAl Kass TV
  • CategoriesTV Station
  • System Information
    • VertexRSI Antennas - 2 x 7.3m Uplink
    • VertexRSI Antennas - 4 x 4.8m TVRO.
    • Ericsson Compression System
    • Crystal Monitoring & Control System
    • CPI HPAs