Project Description

Kuwait TV, the national television of the State of Kuwait contracted INC to build complete News Studio along with tapeless News Environment for Kuwait TV. The first key decision was to design the system to operate in 4K which influenced the equipment selection to suit KTV desired workflow and production requirement.

It’s a complete chain starting with defining the tasks (Chief-in Editor), ingesting required material, Editing, publishing to Playout and other destinations and filling the News On-Air program from the new 4K studio. The Newsroom system workflow is provided by Avid whereas the 4K Studio main components include 6 4K cameras from Sony, 4K Kahuna Switcher from Snell, Avid Maestro 4K Graphics.

Kuwait TV had clear goals, The need for a full backup chain for news production and achieving a tightly integrated news workflow. INC worked closely with KTV to identify all the functional elements such as the Media Ingest and & Editing, the Storage, NRCS and production asset management, Archive and Playout.

For Kuwait TV news and program production requirements, an Avid Interplay Production System with a newsroom system, ingest & playout solutions and craft editing clients were deployed. Newsroom Journalists use the iNews NRCS system in combination with Media Central.

Avid Interplay Production is used for Media Management where as Interplay Archive interfaces with SGL FlashNet HSM and Oracle LTO Tape library for material archive. Maestro which is a suite of applications that provides an end-to-end solution for graphic is used as an on air graphics in the news studio.

INC designed the system so that 4K files will be ingested through two dedicated Media Composer workstations which handle high volumes of disparate file-based media in real-time collaboration. using AMA.

Project Details
  • CountryKuwait
  • Client Kuwait TV
  • System Information
    • 4ME SAM Kahuna Switcher
    • 6 Sony 4K HDC-4300 Cameras
    • 4K Avid Mastero Graphic Workflow
    • Suma Calrec Audio Console
    • Avid iNEWS NRCS with Media Central UX
    • 6 E4 120 TB Nexis Storage,
    • Media Composers NLE
    • SGL Tape Library with SGL HSM.
    • Vantage Transcodin