Al Jazeera English Virtual Studio
Al Jazeera - Qatar
Project Description

Al Jazeera English planned to have a virtual reality set up in their studio that can provide the exibility and quality required for a number or their magazine programs such as inside story, talk to Al Jazeera, the Stream and any new show planned in the future.

INC was contracted to install Viz virtual system which provides high end 3D graphics that can be used not only in AJE studio but also in the news studio to provide foreground 3D elements for presentations such as election specials and can be easily integrated with their current template graphics system, the installed system provides a 3 camera con€guration based on an infra-red tracking system allowing full freedom of motion and tracking on all 3 axes.

Additionally INC team managed the civil work that involved developing light raptors positioned on the walls of the studio to mount 24 motion analysis IR Cameras, This CamTrack solution will provide AJ with the exibility to work with any camera and with no restrictions on the move ment within the capture space.

The project has been completed successfully while Vizrt carried out the necessary training sessions for AJ sta to assure full operational knowl edge of the new system.

Project Details
  • CountryQatar
  • ClientAl Jazeera
  • CategoriesTV Station
  • System Information
    • Vizrt Virtual Studio System
    • Vizrt Crystal Vision Chroma Keyer
    • Motion Analysis IP Tracking Solution