INC undertakes upgrade for Qatari sports channel

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Kuwait-based systems integrator INC has been contracted to undertake a major upgrade for Al Dawri and Al Kass TV. The project will see the SI upgrade the Qatari sports channel’s facility to allow for a full digital end-to-end workflow for post production. The project is sched-uled for completion in October.

The project will include deploying the Avid iNews Version 3, upgrading and expanding the channel’s non-linear editing systems and install-ing ISIS central storage. Al Kass TV will switch from Adrenaline to Avid’s latest Nitris DX system and the Newscutter Nitris DX. Avid’s newest AirSpeed Multi Stream servers will be employed for all HD and SD ingest as well as playout. Eight AirSpeed servers four for ingest and four for playout will be installed. The servers support various formats including DVCPro 25, DVCPro 50, IMX 30 and IMX 50 in addition to having internal storage. Other solutions that will be deployed include a Capture Manager for automatic news-feed ingest and Deko 3000 graphics solutions from Avid.