INC wins Qatari sports channels' tapeless upgrade

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30th May 2010
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Systems integrator INC has announced that it will provide Qatar sports channels Al Dawri and Al Kass TV with a tapeless upgrade during the summer.

The implementation will include non-news editing systems, as well as a newsroom computer system and central storage.

“Although the project is called an upgrade, in reality it’s a new system,” said Adeeb Abed, division manager, broadcast, INC. “This is something that most of the elite broadcasters have. It will allow a fully digital end-to-end workflow across the post production of all programmes genres.”

The existing Adrenaline editing system will be replaced with the latest Nitris DX system with journalists upgraded to Newscutter Nitris DX.

“Most broadcasters are opting to go for tapeless solutions. Such tapeless systems allow files to be shared incredibly easily, as soon as the video leaves the digital editing suite it can be uploaded onto a server that is available for access by everyone. That means the promotions, web, graphics, subtitling and transmission departments can work with the content all at the same time,” said Abed.

“The old system will be integrated into the new one so no equipment will be phased out, extensive training courses will be given on technical and operational levels to ensure that the client can utilise the system to its maximum capabilities.”

The plan is to have the system on air by first week of August.