INC delivers HD OB van to Kuwait TV

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Dubai-based INC System Integrations has handed over an eight-camera, full HD OB van to Kuwait TV.

The double expandable van with eight Grass Valley LDX cameras is wired for 16 cameras and also features a camera with slow-mo capabilities. As the main contractor for the project, INC handled the project management and provided the broadcaster technical expertise on the van.

The van boasts a 3.5ME Grass Valley Kayenne vision mixer, a Summa Calrec audio mixer and an XT Nano EVS server. Also featured are Concerto routers, an Edius editing station and G8 Imagine Communications character generator.

The OB van will be used to cover sport and other live events in and around Kuwait, informed Adeeb Abed, General Manager at INC System Integrations.

“It is capable of covering two events at the same time in two different languages. Its flexible design for the audio and video systems enables it to be cascaded/linked with other OB vans in case of big events,” he said.

The new addition brings the total fleet of Kuwait TV’s OB vans to six.

Nine months in the making, the van was delivered within the time-frame stipulated by the end user. The logistics part of the project was the most challenging, points out Abed.

“The coach builder of the van, Spectra, is located in the UK, while the client is based in Kuwait. Coordinating between the two was challenging,” he added.

INC was also responsible for the logistics and shipping for the project.